The Incarnation: Getting a Handle on Five Heresies

¡Excelente artículo y resumen!

Via Emmaus

cappadocians Yesterday, I gave a short introduction to a number of terms related to the Incarnation of our Lord. Today, I want to offer a short description of five heresies that have infected the church throughout the centuries.

These five heresies are named after four people (Arius, Apollinarius, Nestorius, and Eutychius—can you tell these guys aren’t from Kansas?) and one Greek word (dokein meaning “to seem” and dókēsis meaning “apparition, phantom”). These heresies are related to one another in history, and some of them actually came by means of trying to correct another. What I have spelled out below is but the simplest explanation of each term, with practical application at the end.

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