numbers, stories, & altars.

This is deep, beautiful and precise teaching for any church. Thank you Tracey!

Tracey Rouse

Someone asked me recently what role I think metrics (or numbers or data as I will use interchangeably in this post) play in healthy church growth.  I love the question more than I love the answer I’m about to give.  I generally love the questions more than the answers, though.

Data matters in our church.  And in life in general, but I’ll stick to the original scope of the question.

Here at Renovatus our leaders set goals for the church. And because goals must be measurable in order to be actual goals, we use metrics and we collect data.

Setting a goal to “grow the church” is not a goal.  Setting out to increase Sunday morning attendance by 25% by the end of the year is a goal.  At the end of the year I can measure our attendance and see if accomplished what we set out to do.


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