¿Estará pasando lo mismo en Latinoamérica?


[Times photo: Brian Cassella]

From USA Today 7/23/08:

Churches nationwide are fretting and sweating to reel men into their sanctuaries on Sundays. Women outnumber men in attendance in every major Christian denomination, and they are 20% to 25% more likely to attend worship at least weekly.Although every soul matters, many pastors say they need to power up on reaching men if the next generation of believers, the children, will find the way to faith. So hundreds of churches are going for a “guy church” vibe, programming for a stereotypical man’s man.

“I hear about it everywhere I go,” says Brandon O’Brien, who detailed the evolution of the chest-thumping evangelism trend this spring in Christianity Today.


This is such a broken record now for many of us who are aware of the crisis. I’m not even going to really comment because I’ve been talking about this here now for YEARS and, strangely, I get the same push back “what do you mean? I don’t see that? Do you expect churches to be some macho, jock sports club, blah, blah.” Other Christians and non-Christians, Protestants and Catholics, are looking at the churches in America and asking, “why don’t many men attend them?” (esp. men ages 18-30). Many Conservative evangelicals (especially Reformed ones it seems) are still mostly asleep at the switch on this one. And it’s so bad that most men are like, “huh, there’s a problem?”

Don’t ask me to explain or elaborate but AGAIN, here are the books: The Feminization of the Church, by Kaye AsheThe Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity, by Leon Podles. Why Men Hate Going to Church, by David Murrow. How Women Help Men Find God, David Murrow.

As Podles reminds us about most men’s confused masculinity in the church:

Because Christianity is now seen as a part of the sphere of life proper to women rather than to men, it sometimes attracts men whose masculinity is somewhat doubtful. By this I do not men homosexuals [but] rather religion is seen as a safe field, a refuge from the challenges of life, and therefore attracts men who are fearful of making the break with the secure world of childhood dominated my women. These are men who have problems following the path of masculine development. . . Podles, The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity, pg. xiv.)


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  1. rene · agosto 3, 2008

    Definitivamente. George Barna afirma que más del 60% de quienes asisten a la iglesia en los Estados Unidos son mujeres. No sé la estadística en Latinoamérica pero es fácil ver en cualquier iglesia un mayor número de mujeres que de hombres. Esto no está bien. Hay una crisis de liderazgo masculino y bíblico en las iglesias y esto genera a su vez una crisis en las familias y finalmente, en la sociedad.

    Me gusta


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